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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

We at Mithras Oasis believe in fostering a community of giving. Mithras Oasis does not have *local body dues* beyond that of U.S. Grand Lodge O.T.O. dues.  Donations are completely voluntary - yet they are the life-blood that fuels our local body. We all aspire to follow our Higher Will, and we believe that you will know best how much you are able to give (and we welcome candid and honest conversations with our membership regarding voluntary donations).  We do request you communicate to the Master of the Oasis your intent to donate (either monthly or annually) and the amount you deem to be correct based on your finances.  The Oasis puts its trust in you that you have the freedom to change your pledge amount at any time; and additionally the Oasis also requests that if your financial circumstances change, that you communicate with the Master promptly whether your donation amount will either increase or decrease (email:

If you choose to make a contribution, you may donate to the Mithras general fund or for a specific purpose (e.g. initiation equipment, or portable Gnostic Mass equipment). Iif using Paypal, you may make a one-time donation or choose a subscription - and you may include a note indicating how you would like your funds to be distributed.  

Donations may be made by cash, money order, personal check, or Paypal and are tax deductible. 

If you are an active U.S. Grand Lodge O.T.O. (i.e. dues current with Grand Lodge), you may choose to become a valued sibling within our Mithras Oasis Family by (1) remaining USGL dues current; and (2) pledging either a month or annual donation in the amount appropriate to you - Mithras Oasis encourages all Minerval members to donate $11 monthly (Corax Subscription) and for all Initiates of higher degreee to steadily increase their own monthly donations amounts (the Miles; Leo; and above monthly subscription amounts are named after the Cult of Mithras which thrived during the Roman Empire - and the collective cooperation of all our members heartily encourage you to work toward increasing your monetary support as it is vitally important to the growth of our Mithras family).

Thank you very much for supporting Mithras Oasis.  For questions or if you would like to arrange a donation, please contact our local body treasurer at

Love is the law, love under will.

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